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Partner Club Playbook

With us, you can become a new benchmark in Padel club operations. Partner Club Playbook is collecting together all the ingredients of our secret sauce on how to run the Padel operation with all the best practices. You save time and money by creating a fast track for success with our experts.


Most frequent questions and answers

Padel is from Acapulco since 1969.

PADEL1969 is an independent research and growth company in Padel.
We are the only company that is only dedicated to Padel products, and services and operates worldwide. Our products are Premium Padel Courts and Premium Player equipment. Our services are market research, advisory services, and projects of new Padel clubs to investors. Our clients can be proud of being part of the Padel community.

We sell our Ultimate Padel Club concept and run projects to the investors with one-stop-shop. The concept includes advisory and all the necessary for a successful Padel project. Our clients are real estate investors and Padel club chains looking for growth in the fastest growing sports. From us the client gets full concept easily and cost-efficiently that delivers high ROI. Contact us at play@padel1969.com for more information and we help you to succeed in Padel business. Or schedule straight away a meeting with us and talk with an advisor.

We operate worldwide and work in dedicated tribes to deliver the best results to the B2B clients and the best products to retail customers. Contact us for an introduction call. Send us an email at play@padel1969.com.

Let’s open a dialogue. We are here. Contact us at play@padel1969.com and we respond in 24 hours. You can also schedule your meeting with our advisory to get started. Talk with an advisory to create your plan to enter Padel business that blends proven strategy with tactical action plan and guaranteed results. Book a call or video meeting with us.

We are not going to spam you with emails or call you a thousand times. After you book an advisory call, we’ll ask you a few questions to help you to define your expectations and send you a confirmation for the meeting.

At PADEL1969 we believe in passion, joy, and integrity. We are proud to create one of the best Padel products in the world. We respect the DNA and history of Padel – from Acapulco since 1969.

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